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Tuesday, June 7 CFM Annual General Meeting

CFM Annual General Meeting

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February 2022

Message from the President

Our children. They instill in us tremendous pride and joy, and sometimes tremendous fear and anxiety. Some thrive while others are so very vulnerable. Regardless, they are more precious to us than life itself, and as parents we have such hopes for them.

Since 2001, I have been involved with the Children’s Foundation of Muskoka in some capacity or another. Upon first learning of its existence, I was troubled to discover that a number of our community children did not have the financial ability to participate in sporting activities, music or dance lessons; they didn’t own a bike, they didn’t have proper clothing, and many of them slept on the floor in a sleeping bag.

I think of the brothers I met who shared a winter coat although they attended two different schools; the family of four that had no winter clothes and no beds; the young girl who needed glasses but went without because her family couldn’t afford to pay for a pair; the boy who washed his only pair of pants in a bathtub; the kids I remember whose shoes were ill-fitting; whose outdoor coats were too big for them; and the ones that wanted to, but couldn’t play on a rep team because of the exorbitant costs involved.

Despite Muskoka’s reputation as being a playground for the wealthy, the truth is that over 1500 families in our district have household incomes below $30,000, and 1 in 6 children live in poverty. This is the reason why the Children’s Foundation of Muskoka exists … to make certain that all children in the Muskoka community have access to the opportunities and supports they need to be happy, healthy, and feel a sense of belonging.

Over the past twenty years, the Foundation has grown in leaps and bounds. Despite the challenges faced by Covid lockdowns and restrictions in the past two years, we have continued to help more and more children each year. Where we once approved three grants in one meeting, we now often approve up to fifty! I am proud of the Foundation, and I am proud of the generous community around us that has worked so hard for so many years to help bring smiles to the faces of our children.

Latest News

Click here to read stories of people with big hearts supporting Muskoka's kids.

Donation in Memory of Kim Jackson

Casey Jacob gratefully accepts a very generous donation from Isabella Jackson on behalf the Jackson family in memory of her mother, Kim Jackson (nee Mochula). Kim was a Huntsville native, and passionate educator who led a life dedicated to nurturing, mentoring teaching and supporting children of all ages. Her family describes her as a beautiful soul, yoga instructor and spiritual being who loved to travel, especially to Mexico.

This donation will go a long way to ensuring Muskoka kids have access to activities and opportunities that they may otherwise not be able to access. Thank you to the Jackson family for your generosity and for choosing the CFM to help to carry on Kim's legacy of advocating for all children.

Motion Rehab Solutions Support the CFM

Casey Jacob, Executive Director of the CFM gratefully accepts a $1000.00 donation from Motion Rehab Solutions. Motion's new location in Bracebridge provides accessibility solutions for all ages with a special focus on pediatric solutions. The CFM is most appreciative of Motion's generous donation and ongoing community partnership!

2022 Junior Golf Bursary at South Muskoka

A likeminded group of South Muskoka Curling & Golf Club golfers (aka The Silver Slicers) have launched a variety of community initiatives.

One of these initiatives is a Junior Golf Bursary Program available to 2 local elementary or high school students. Recipients will be announced Wednesday, May 25.

Details of the Bursary Program and the simple Application form / process are attached. It is our sincere hope that you will find this to be an exciting opportunity for your child(ren) & that you will encourage them, with your assistance, to apply.

Perhaps there are other families you know who may be interested – please provide them with these details.

The deadline for application submission is Wednesday, May 18.

Should you have any questions contact me directly at:

Best regards,

Scott Smith

Program Director, Silver Slicers/SMC&GC Junior Golf Bursary

Cell: (416) 460-5983

Home: (705) 645-6830

All completed applications must be sent to Scott Smith at

ProActive Rehab Supporting the CFM

The CFM would like to give a big shout out to one of our long time local community partners, ProActive Rehab for yet another recent generous donation. Leslie Tempest, the owner of ProActive held a fun winter version of Muskoka's Incredible Race as a staff team building event and very generously donated all of the proceeds raised to the Children's Foundation. Leslie presented the CFM with $860 which will go toward providing ongoing opportunities for Muskoka kids. Thanks to ProActive Rehab for their ongoing support!

Peyton is shown here proudly presenting her donation to Casey Jacob from the CFM along with her grandmother Mary Butt.

9 Year Old Peyton Imrie - Making an Impact on Muskoka's Youth

While many people talk about making a difference, 9 year old Peyton Imrie is making a difference for the children of Muskoka. Peyton, a student at Monck Public School, made and sold "wishlet" bracelets to raise money for the CFM this holiday season. She raised an amazing $1390.00!! This money will be used to help kids her age access programs and have experiences they would not normally be able to.

Peyton, we at the CFM are very thankful for your donation, but are even more impressed by your empathy and the outstanding example you set for all people in our community.

Members of the RE/MAX North group are seen here presenting a cheque for $500 to Dan Gardiner CFM board member.

The CFM would like to thank the professionals at RE/MAX North for their donation. At this time of year many families struggle to balance paying for the rising cost of utilities, Christmas and children's programming. This donation will go a long way to helping kids begin taking skating lessons, continues music lessons or get a new bed that fits them as they continue to grow.

Annex Wendy Nicholson seen here presenting a cheque for $3500 to Jen Smith CFM board member.

Annex Show and Shop donates $3500

The Annex held their annual art show/shop on November 20-21. This was a terrific opportunity to learn about available classes, workshops and purchase amazing pieces from local artists in the area. The Annex generously donated proceeds from their event to the CFM!!

If you are interested in learning more about the Annex click on the visual below.

Casey Jacob, Executive Director of the Children's Foundation of Muskoka gratefully accepts a cheque from the Muskoka Community Foundation, on behalf of the Dara Howell Fund. This generous donation will be directed to supporting girls in sport through grant applications to the CFM. A big thanks to Dara and the Muskoka Community Foundation, and we look forward to continuing to partner with you in the future!

Enbridge Gas Provides Grant of $2000 to the CFM

Enbridge Gas has Fuelling Futures grant available to charities and community groups. Their goal is to work (t)ogether to energize communities through initiatives that strengthen community safety, vibrancy and sustainability. Enbridge is proud to support local priorities that make positive and lasting impacts in our communities."

We are please to use this grant to help support children in Muskoka to follow their passions and improve their community.

Tony Rizzuto pictured here with new CFM board member Julie Medley.

Tony Rizzuto donates over $22,000 to the TLC Campership Fund

Once again Tony Rizzuto and friends have made a large donation to the TLC Campership Fund. This fund was created by the Rizzuto family in 2019 to provide children who may not otherwise have the opportunity, a chance to attend summer residential and day camp programs.

In those three years, the TLC Campership Fund has helped send over 140 kids to camp by contributing over $44,000. The CFM is very appreciative of the generosity shown by the Rizzuto family and friends which assists us in providing healthy and active camp opportunities for Muskoka's kids.

What makes this donation even more incredible is that it has happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. While many camps have been closed, the need for opportunities for kids has not disappeared but is in fact now more important than ever.

If you are interested in donating to the Toni Lynn's Campers Campership fund, click on the logo and, when asked which fund you would like to donate to choose the campership fund.

ProActive Rehab: Supporting the CFM for 3 years!

Three years ago, ProActive Rehab (in Huntsville) approached the Children's Foundation of Muskoka looking for a way to support children in Muskoka, just as they support their clients. The amazing team at Proactive has been donating $1 from every assessment to the CFM. Their generosity has directly resulted in kids going to camp, taking dance lessons, the purchasing of beds and so much more.

The CFM board would like to personally thank and recognize ProActive Rehab for being a long time supporter. Knowing that support continues to be there each month, helps us to continue to provide opportunities for many of our most vulnerable children.

Dave Smith, a big supporter of children in Muskoka!!

Local realtor and businessman Dave Smith recently made good on his commitment to donate a portion of his commission to the Children’s Foundation of Muskoka. The property recently sold was one owned by Foundation President, Cheryl Cooper, and Smith wanted to use the sale to highlight how important it is right now to support our local charities.  Smith himself, who is also a Director of the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation, sees and understands first-hand the annual needs of these charities, which are incredibly important and vital to the Muskoka community, but have struggled to raise funds, given the restrictions of the Covid environment.

The CFM offers post secondary funding through the generosity of the Onaway Pond Foundation.

For more information and an application, click on the button below.

Our Mission:

To help create an equitable Muskoka where all children have access to the opportunities and supports they need to be happy, healthy, and feel sense of belonging.

The Children's Foundation of Muskoka is an independent, non-profit organization formed in 1989 by volunteers in Muskoka. CFM raises funds in our local community, in partnership with individuals, businesses, and service organizations.

Through our community partnerships, we are able to help children and families in practical ways when no other help is available. We provide funds to meet the recreational, cultural, and emotional needs of the children we serve. Our grants provide children in Muskoka the opportunities to grow and develop.

As a Foundation, we believe:

  • in the creation of a community where equality of opportunity is offered to all children;

  • that we must be proactive in enabling the community to respond to the needs of children;

  • in helping children and families in situations where other resources are not available;

  • that all grant decisions that are made will be based exclusively on the needs of the children involved;

  • that we must encourage the deployment of volunteers and 'Friends of the Foundation' to assist our efforts.

The Children’s Foundation of Muskoka (CFM) does not assume any liability from the use of this website or from any of the information that has been provided to you. Each activity, camp, or service has its own potential hazards, which need to be evaluated by the parent or legal guardian for each child. The information about providers and services contained on this website does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the CFM. By using the information, you recognize the foregoing and you agree to hold us harmless from any liability resulting from the use of this information. We make no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind with respect to any of the content, programs, services or information offered on the website.